To be competitive and build value in today’s business climate, a company must operate “lean and mean.” But a streamlined management team often doesn’t have the bandwidth to pay enough attention to the strategic roadmap. As a result, strategies can develop haphazardly, or stay unchanged while the market shifts around them – with the result that far too much energy and resources go into the wrong campaigns, the wrong products, the wrong customers and the wrong partners.

Through TSJ Consulting, Roger Walton helps technology businesses boost their performance by updating and refining their strategic roadmap. To provide this service, Roger leverages experience and insights developed over 30 years as a strategy consultant, venture capitalist and senior marketing professional. Areas of focus include:

  • Product planning:  developing a prioritized product roadmap that balances strategic opportunities and imperatives against short-term customer needs
  • Positioning:  helping a company refine its positioning to maximize mind-share, appeal and perceived value to potential customers, partners and/or investors
  • Go-to-market strategies:  creating a phased approach to enter a new market, selecting the best applications, verticals and customer profiles at each phase to ramp presence, credibility, market share and revenue
  • Partnerships:  identifying businesses with complementary needs and crafting engagement strategies
  • Pitch development:  creating or refining fund-raising or strategic partnership pitches to communicate key messages to prospective investors or acquirers.

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